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By Cat Sylvain |

Why Temperature Matters For Your French Press

Pre-heating the carafe, wrapping a dish towel around it, spending weeks knitting a special French press cozy following a pattern that you later realize was for an infinity scarf… these...

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By Cat Sylvain |

Which Carter Are You?

We designed our Carter travel mug line around one thing: offering you the fullest sensory experience of your coffee wherever you are. Now that we have multiple Carters in the...

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By Hannah Miller |

How To Play Wormy On Your Electric Kettle

We don’t like designing products that are like anything else on the market. That goes from unique shapes to powerful features to secret video games. Yep, you heard correctly. We hid...

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By Team Fellow |

Behind The Design: Clara French Press

Thoughtful design meets exceptional quality. Modern style takes on a timeless classic. Fellow’s product design team followed these guiding principles when they took on a 169-year-old brewing staple—the French press....

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By Liz Dyer |

Coolin' With Cucumber Gin Cocktail

On hot days you just want something cool. Maybe even something... as cool as a cucumber? Get ready to impress with this cucumber mint cocktail for your upcoming outdoor gatherings...

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